Solid Waste Disposal

MESO initiated its solid waste management program in response to a growing, visible need for such services within Arusha municipality. The rapidly expanding presence of residential and commercial waste products in the city streets is not only an unsightly nuisance for residents and tourists, but a major environmental problem. Typically, waste disposal within the city limits consists of burning, which releases numerous toxins into the atmosphere, or dumping in open pits, which attracts dogs, rats and other pests. MESO, on the other hand, collects solid waste products directly from their source, consolidates them, and transports them outside the city limits where they are stored in landfills.

Management and administration of the solid waste program is divided into three main parts:

(a)   Collection of waste from production sources such as households, business premises and industrial areas. Waste is disposed either directly to the landfill or to municipal waste collection centers.

(b)   Fee collection from customers (i.e., households, businesses and industries).

(c)    Revenue generated from fee collection is used to support the administrative costs of the program. Profits are channeled into other programs and activities of MESO.


MESO - The Multi-Environmental Society

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Many dumpsites in the city are overflowing with trash

works to consolidate and relocate excess waste

Waste is also collected from private sources

hires 17 laborers for waste collection