Programs and Activities

MESO works on a number of projects and activities throughout Tanzania. Some generate income which is re-invested in the organization; others offer services which support community development. Our current priorities include:

Microfinance (new in 2005!): Our newest program provides small loans and other banking services to poor people, particularly women, in the Karatu area. Clients are given intensive preparation through a series of training courses and one-on-one meetings, and after receiving loans, are closely monitored by their peers and program representatives to minimize default rates. Piloted in the village of Kambi ya Simba, the program became fully operational in April 2005. For photographs and more information, click here.

Ecotourism (Eco-Cultural Trips and Safaris): Based in Arusha, we organize short (one week or less) excursions to natural and cultural attractions in and around the Great Rift Valley area (e.g., Karatu, Mbulu, Ngorongoro and Monduli). These trips are a fascinating opportunity for exploring Tanzania well off-the-beaten-track and to enhance cross-cultural exchange. Profits are used to support community development and to conserve environmental resources. For photographs and more information, click here.
Soil Conservation, Agroforestry and Sustainable Land Use (Research and Rural Development): Based in Karatu, ongoing research and activities aim to improve soil fertility, reduce livestock pressures and promote new livelihoods. These objectives are accomplished by working directly with farmers, hosting seminars, constructing tree nurseries, and performing numerous other extension services. For photographs and more information, click here.
Mazingira Clubs (Participatory Educational Resource Centers): Existing throughout all branch offices, the program is a means of achieving MESO's goal of maximizing local communities' participation in and awareness of pertinent environmental, socio-economic and cultural issues. The Club offers documentation and exhibition centers, hosts training courses and educational events, and facilitates further discussion through seminars, debates, symposia lectures, etc. For photographs and more information, click here.

Solid Waste Disposal (Urban Development): Based in Arusha, MESO manages collection and removal of solid waste products from commercial and residential areas in Kaloleni ward (Arusha municipality). This program not only improves the physical appearance of the urban environment, but provides an additional source of income for local laborers. For photographs and more information, click here.
Sinza Nursery School (Early Childhood and Youth Education): In Dar es Salaam, MESO runs a quasi-private, elementary school, which targets exclusively the urban poor. By msaintaining a low pupil-to-teacher ratio and providing modern academic resources, the project offers quality education for underprivileged youths while also removing some of the burden off overcrowded public schools. For photographs and more information, click here

The organization also engages in the following activities:

  1. To provide or facilitate internship/volunteer placement on request.
  2. To coordinate and arrange meetings and seminars for individuals, groups and organizations for the purposes of enhancing local and international understanding and capacity building.


MESO - The Multi-Environmental Society

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Hiking the Mbulu highlands

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