MESO: The Multi-Environmental Society

MESO is a voluntary, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) operating in Tanzania. Our central objective is to promote development awareness, utilization and conservation of both natural and cultural resources, particularly in marginalized communities such as women, youth, peasant farmers and pastoralists. Currently, MESO has branches in Arusha (head office), Mwanga and Karatu (rural-based offices), and Dar es Salaam (urban-based office).

Our programs and activities include:


Eco-cultural trips and wildlife safaris in the Great Rift Valley region


Research in soil conservation, agroforestry and sustainable land use


Sponsoring and facilitating environmental rehabilitation, educational campaigns and community development


Establishing resource centers and social club programs (ICTs) with the goal of capacity building


Microfinance in rural communities (new!)


"Improving the quality of individual and community life and that of the environment in which we live."


"To facilitate and work with communities in addressing and tackling issues pertaining to environmental dynamics and their socio-economic, cultural and ecological implications."


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MESO - The Multi-Environmental Society

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- news -

16/6: MESO is named runner-up in Karatu District awards for environmental and community service (first place went to Ngorongoro Conservation Area).

10/6: New microfinance video available online! [click here]

28/5: MESO initiates the development of an ecotourism resource center in Karatu town.

4-7/4: MESO's microfinance program gives out its first set of loans to 11 groups of women